The #1 Local Government App for Community Development Departments
Universally simple to access all property-related records.
Free to use, cloud-based, updated hourly, and ready to go.
#AgencyCounter, consolidating your digital transformation.
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Government Technology Partner for 10 years
Serving over 6 million users across the US
Expert understanding of how City and County Departments work
What other City leaders have said
The team deliver on their promise each and every time.
AgencyCounter is a great interface between our permit system,  our document repository and those who want to get to the details of a property, super quick!
notes from Cupertino, CA
We got a customized solution within 6 weeks, no one else could deliver this type of service with the diligence, consistency and professionalism.

Our people love it!
from the Sacramento, CA Team
We have everything, Maps, Permitting System, Reports, but we still had requests for information from the Public, Councilors, other departments and agencies.
Getting #AgencyCounter resolved the many issues we couldn't address!

from the folks at Fremont, CA
Make it easier for all your constituents
We take a proven approach to information services, connecting the dots through a simple, meaningful app consolidating a myriad of data silos.

Lead the way, and your organization will transform too
When you experience the convenience of AgencyCounter in everyday life, you will:
Improve your communications
When you uncover your blind spots and improve communication, you can service more requests, without any impact on your resources.
Create sustainable lasting results
Our experts can help you understand behaviors, and provide the capabilities to help you shape your future as a leader. 
Develop strong future leadership
When you become a more effective leader, you can better resource your department with best of breed solutions. #AgencyCounter
We offer a cloud based app with included services
Our secure and scaleable systems work with a multitude of data systems & silos to address your ongoing objectives.
AgencyCounter - the app
Empower your constituents to effectively answer their own questions, see the status of records in your processes for any property, get notifications on activity in an area of interest, see interdepartmental records for deeper collaboration, leading to a single solution that offers access, equity and inclusion.
Included Services
As a leader in government specific data systems, and managed services in the cloud, you get an effective personalized version of your data, with features and controls presenting what you wish to each audience. We provide guidance on communicating your vision, delivering real performance, and unleashing your leadership strengths.
#AgencyCounter provides instant answers for people
Our process
Understand & Deliver
Work with a partner that fulfills, without compromise, based on:
We have listened and worked with leadership teams, and constituents for 10 years to embody their requirements into #AgencyCounter.
Our systems are secure & robust.

Processing millions of records per day, we take responsibility for the delivery of content to users so that they can instantly access the information, important to them.
Today, we serve 6 million users.

If you have any or all of these: a premium permitting system, legacy data systems, document repositories, or additional data in a spreadsheet.
We seamlessly connect the dots for you.
Our team is here to find the right program for your needs
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